Maggie's Hats and the new Maggie's Scarf will be on sale at the Christmas at Wings Stadium Craft Fair 2015  in Kalamazoo to be held on: 
Saturday December 5 (8 AM to 4PM) and Sunday December  6(10AM to 4PM).    
We will be at Booth 269 at the main Lobby concourse to Wings
Wings Stadium is located along I-94 at the Sprinkle Road exit (3600 VanRick Drive) in Kalamazoo.

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Hats now on sale at Vallar Salon at Centre and Lover's Lane
in Portage MI and at Spirit of Kalamazoo on Portage and 
Kalamazoo Ave in Downtown Kalamazoo
Special Thanks to Robin, Janette, Marilyn for
knitting hats this year with Martha. **UPDATED
Tributes to Maggie

Pictures of Maggie
Maggie's Golf Outings 2000-2004
 photos and information on past fundraisers

In the words of her family
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In Maggie's own words

Commemorations of Maggie 
since her death.
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My Avenging Angel
Dedicated to
Maggie's Memory
by Maggie's Aunt Susan
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Journey from Victim to Survivor to Thriver!
Click here.
Click here for a printable copy 
of "Warning Signs of Abuse in a Relationship." 
composed by Gail Griffin of Kalamazoo College
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"Grieve not 
speak of me 
 with tears 
but laugh
 and talk 
of me 
as though
I were 
beside you.
I loved you so. 
'Twas Heaven 
here with you. "
Current events in honor of Maggie
Maggie's Story

At Stetson Chapel on the Kalamazoo College campus in 2008-2012, Gail Griffin presented an annual talk, titled It Can Happen Here: Intimate Partner Violence (2010 version.)  This is a First-Year seminar for K College freshman.
Find out about Gail's book, The Events of October...  published in 2010.
Links to relationship violence websites and information

Check out our updated  A FAMILY'S PLEA webpage 
Links updated 10/10/09
Vanessa Stevens of Purple Song Project 
*A poem to Maggie on her birthday 2008 from Vanessa.
*Read Vanessa's post, on her blog, Healing & Awareness, describing her song and video about Maggie 
Margaret Lynn Wardle
"Maggie" to all

August 23, 1980 - October 18, 1999

Maggie was a loving and compassionate young woman who became a victim of cruel relationship violence and senseless gun violence.

*** For more tributes and memorials about Maggie 
by her family and friends, click here.
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Maggie's family has started a Remembering Maggie Fund to raise donations to give grants to programs aimed at fighting relationship violence.  To learn more about the Fund - its purpose and how to donate click here.
UPDATEAs January 1, 2015, we have made our $50,000 fund growth goal set by our family.  Hooray and thanks to all.  Our hope is now to maintain and increase that amount as we start to give out grants.  We will continue to sell hats & seek donations.
    Breaking News: 2015 Grants Given Out!
Activities in Recent Past
Archived Activities
During the last 5 school years, Rick and Martha have been talking at local high schools about Maggie's story, relationship violence on campuses, and healthy relationships vs. warning signs of dating abuse.
Visit our  Stopping Relationship Violence page to learn more
NEW Team color Maggie's Hats
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NEW Maggie's Scarf
At WMU Lee Honors College in Kalamazoo MI- Raise Your Voice speaker series, featuring:
9/23/15; Wagatwe Wanjuki: Safer campuses for All: Using Title IX to Provide an Education Free of Sexual     Violence
10/07/15: Gail Griffin: Hearing Voices: Re/Collecting a Femicide
10/22/15: Jackson Katz: Violence and Silence: Why Some Men Hurt Women & How All Men Can Help

At Kalamazoo College
10/09/15: Intimate Partner Violence Awareness presentation @ Stetson Chapel